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Automatic reviews also have another disadvantage. They will cause an immediate increase in your number of reviews and they will therefore be marked as unnatural. To avoid such circumstances, only work with reputable companies that have provided quality results for other companies.

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There are several ways through which you could be discovered to be using fake reviews. One such way is by having all your reviews coming from the same IP address. YELP’s algorithm will immediately note this, and youwill get penalized for it. Some marketing companies also use bots to provide 5-star reviews for businesses. You should avoid such companies as their strategies are not foolproof. YELP has a complex algorithm that will notice the use of such strategies and this may affect the fame of your business.

If you are discovered to be using fake reviews to boost your business, you will be red-flagged and this will affect your popularity. To avoid such occurrences, therefore, you should only work with websites that have experienced experts in the field.